"Battle Bunny"

 "Miss Lucy"
 "Kanga" "Octohead"

 Behind the scenes in the making of
 "Clay Fighter II, Judgment Clay"

 A "Marquette" is made for each of the 8 characters in the game. This is for client approval and for pulling molds.  A silicone mold is made of each character.
 Scores of copies of each character get molded from clay. Then each copy is cleaned up and has the various details added.  Once a character has been "cleaned up" the animator has to pose and resculpt the puppet into the right position. Usually only a few positions can be sculpted before the puppet must be replaced with a new one.
 Even though the image resolution was only that of a cartridge game, we shot 35 mm motion picture film so that we would have the maximum resolution to control color and contrast issues in post.  Each of the character positions had been determined and tested in pre-production using Cel animation. The clay animators then matched their sculpts to drawings.
One of Battling Baby's less pleasant defenses.  "Miss Lucy" delivers a kick

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