Project Client  End Client
 "The Fox and the Hound" Animation backgrounds Disney Animation Studios Disney Animation Studios
CBS Stereo Sound" Logo CBS On-Air Promotion CBS Television
"Disney Afternoon" ID package California Film Disney Television
"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" animation backgrounds Disney Animation Studios Disney Animation Studios
"Eithertwist" Products Storyline Productions Hewlett Packard
"Natural Selection" clay animation Storyline Productions Pyramid Computers
Ft. Meyers, Florida. walk-through Heller & Leake Architects Heller & Leake Architects
Comdex Apple Powerbook Intro Innovation Films Apple Computers
"National Geographic Explorer" graphics California Film National Geographic
Acer Computer Fly-through Storyline Productions Acer Computers
Birkenstock "Impressions" P.O.P. graphics Full Frame Productions Birkenstock Shoes
Unify "Vision"
Comdex clay animation
Storyline Productions Unify Software
Reader's Digest "Wonders of the World" Graphics International Video
Reader's Digest
Kroger "Price Cutters" commercial, miniature effects Pacific Data Images Kroger Stores
Wheaties "They will come" commercial Lopes Productions DDB Needham
Cisco Systems, show open Jack Morton Productions Cisco Systems
Euro Disney, Matte paintings Pacific Data Images Disney
"Growing Like Magic", cel animated spot McDill Associates
Tanamura & Antle
"Cris-P Saladmander"
clay animated spot
McDill Associates
 Tanamura & Antle
"Max Magic" CD-I game, character assets P.F. Magic Philips Interactive Media
"Generations", HDTV motion control photography Design Media Monterey Bay Aquarium
"Hotel Mario" CD-I game, reward animation Philips Interactive Media Philips Interactive Media
Oral B Commercial,
art direction of CGI
Pacific Data Images DDB&O Advertising
"Clayfighter II", game assets Interplay Productions Interplay Productions
"Monterey Bay Aquarium" logo DDB Needham Monterey Bay Aquarium
T I Notebook "Racer", stop motion spot Storyline Productions Texas Instruments
"Story Of Oil", animation backgrounds Playhouse Productions Amoco Oil
Pacific Bell infomercials,
5 clay animated spots
Pacific Bell Corp. TV Pacific Bell
Sun "Magic Desktop"
CGI Character Animation
Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems
Sony Playstation "E3" Video wall, Special effects The Kenwood Group Sony Computer
"Reading Edge" CD ROM, Interactive clay animation San Francisco Production
"Planet-E" Four cel animated recycling PSAs Planet-E Productions Planet-E Productions
 Production design for "Enchanted Tales" series  Golden Films Sony Wonder
Bay Networks "Acellar" CD open Storyline Productions  Bay Networks
Playstation E3 convention “Video Sphere.” Line produced video content. Shout Creative Sony Computer Entertainment
SleepTrain, On-air ID package, 6 years running SleepTrain Mattress Centers, Inc. SleepTrain Mattress Centers, Inc.
The Outdoor Channel, Network identity animation The Outdoor Channel The Outdoor Channel
Optivus, 3 marketing videos for med tech mfgr. Optivus Technology Optivus Technology
MSJC Fund raising Video  RKR Media  Mt. San Jacinto College
OnScreen Technologies, Marketing video for Redi-alert emergency signage  OnScreen Technologies   OnScreen Technologies
Temecula Valley Film Festival, Fund raising Video, Posters & Opening ceremonies animated show open Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival
JVC  Point of Purchase video promoting "EXA-1" Product, Toured with JVC Jazz Festival  Live Lights Production  JVC
SouthWest California, Regional TV commercial promoting business development SouthWest California Economic Development Corporation SouthWest California Economic Development Corporation
Bianchi, International, Sales and Training DVD for "Auto-Retention Holsters"  Bianchi, International  Bianchi, International
City of Murrieta, Regional TV commercial promoting business development  City of Murrieta  City of Murrieta
PHS, 5 Sales and Marketing videos promoting different divisions of PHS, on DVD Professional Hospital Supply Professional Hospital Supply
Janos Technology
Trade show loop
Smith/Miller/Moore Advertising Janos Technology
Oreq Corporation
Suite of 5 Point of Purchase videos
Oreq Corporation Oreq Corporation
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